Even5 Camping Image
Playing around with some images I took in Montana and Minneapolis. Wanted to create something sci-fi'ish.
A Fish Line
A simple image, or perhaps a twisted analogy of life?
A World of Potter Emerges
This is a rework of a previous image I created. I took out a person (a Harry Potter fan), and replaced with the owl and books. Now I think this image is complete.
Sneaking In
A combo of compositing and illustration.
The Yin and Yang
How I think nature works.
The Power of Thought
I'm a firm believer in The Law of Attraction, you attract to you what you're thinking and feeling. We should love ourselves more, despite the world around us, thus attracting love in many other ways back to ourselves.
Even5 Caricature Promo Image
Another image for my band, a caricature theme this time.
Even5 Christmas Promo
A holiday promo image.
Even5 Bobble Heads
A promo image for my band, Even5. Trying my hand at a caricature or bobblehead look.
Bathing in Light
One of my personal favorites. The young giraffe (taken in Minot, ND) gazing up at a street light in Minneapolis.
The Visitor
An unusual visitor to Minneapolis.
Talking Trash
A mouthy bird talking trash about the big bird in the sky.
Creature Comforts
The comforts of the king of the vineyard. Background image was taken in the Napa area of California.
First Flight
The ultimate in whimsy! One of my personal favorites.
Star Maker
A pure North Dakota image...all components were taken here in my home state.
The Exit
A personal image. The old farmhouse my grandparents lived in, and my desire for it to exit in a more dignified manner.
I had a fascination with birds in the winter of 2016. There are not many flying around late winter in North Dakota, but I found some.
No Place Like Home
This one came out very Wizard of Oz-ish. The shoes were taken from the Library of Congress archives, and I loved them so much I had to create an image with them.
Self portrait, my love for learning.
Red Riding Hood
Model photography by Nikos Reskos (www.studioreskos.com) Compositing by Kim K Whittemore (www.kimkwhittemore.com)
Stopping a Train
Model photography by Nikos Reskos (www.studioreskos.com) Compositing by Kim K Whittemore
Snow White
Model photography by Nikos Reskos, www.studioreskos.com This was a test project where Nikos sent me some images and I just ran with them. The dress reminded me of leaves on a tree, and that is what sparked the idea.
My Turn
A image created specifically for this young girl. It's meant to show her creating many versions of herself, like we all do through life. She is a pottery fanatic, so that was the basis of the image.
The Surreal Deal
A special image created for The Anchor Fish & Chips restaurant in Minneapolis.
Big World
This is where babies come from!
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